Marni Leigh Greenwald

 MA Art Therapy, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, BS Elementary Education, Certified as Art, Special Education Teacher, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Since 1996, I've been working with children and families with special needs.

I started the first art therapy program in a public school district in Brooklyn, NY, where I served special needs classes in six schools.  I also wrote a booklet for all the parents and staff about specific art therapy techniques to be utilized in a wide variety of settings.  My primary scope of practice has been with working with children with physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges, and their families, as well as domestic violence. 


I have a private practice serving both individuals and groups. My specialty is with children and parents of special needs, as well as PTSD, and anxiety, and any issues regarding self esteem and life changes, for teens and adults.  My practice aims to build a natural trust and to develop a sincere understanding of the client with a present centered approach, and in a safe environment.