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Marni L. Greenwald- Schwartz

Marni L. Greenwald-Schwartz, M.A., LCAT, LPAT, B.C.


Marni is a Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist in the state of New York and New Jersey. She incorporates the creative arts utilizing various mediums and somatic techniques in healing. She has a passion for supporting others through a present centered, eclectic approach with insight and compassion. Her broad scope of interests invites children, teens, adults, and families to experience a greater understanding of themselves upon identifying and acknowledging key issues building upon trust with a commitment to oneself.


Marni’s strong belief in integrating the arts into the community compelled her to educate children in a culturally diverse school district for children with challenges. She created the first art therapy program for the special needs department in the public school district of Brooklyn, NY. She has experience with behaviors stemming from physiological and emotional distress regarding children with auto-immune induced autism, ADHD, and language-based disorders. 


Marni has experience with a variety of populations including acute and chronic illnesses, anxiety, PTSD, attachment-based issues, self-esteem and body image related disorders, and bullying.  She has tremendous respect for clients taking a leap of faith to identify and explore patterns and peel layers in the healing process.


In addition, Marni authored a book; Lemon, to educate parents, therapists, educators, and doctors about the significance of the body, mind, spirit connection and social-emotional awareness in a child’s development.  It includes techniques and methodologies upon raising a child with special needs.  It is a tribute to her daughter and families experiencing trauma, grief and loss and for respecting each individual capacity for self-growth.


Marni’s intuition and flexibility create a warm environment utilizing drawing, painting, writing, yoga and meditation.  She honors the unique differences in us all and appreciates the small miracles.  She has a love of nature, animals, and interpersonal relationships.  In addition, she is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher incorporating breathwork and imagery, as interested.  She affirms that the courage that lies within you is available for you to tap into.  A deeper awareness can be found, and you can allow your gifts to unfold.   

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