A Tribute to my Daughter, Sierra Brooke*

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Do you know someone who has a child with special needs?


Perhaps, this child is your neighbor.  Maybe, this child is a relative.

This could be your child.

Sierra was not born with THIS.

She was born with gifts.

The gifts weren’t lost. They were layered in between “shots of what if”.

She hadn’t had the severity of these challenges at birth.  It was a cascading effect.  It affected every aspect of her life.  She didn’t ask for this.  It didn’t “just” happen.


Navigating a system that was primarily driven by drugs, and a one size fits all approach wasn’t working effectively for us.  Sierra had varied diagnoses of global apraxia, sensory integration disorder, hypotonia, pans, and auto-immune induced autism.  I didn’t adhere to a philosophy that many doctors and school systems followed.  Sierra benefitted from an approach that included speech, movement, and play within a social emotional context for optimal learning.  Entering with care, building upon trust, honoring where she was at, joining with her and challenging her.  It is essential we have dedicated teachers who are creative, confident, open-minded and kind.  


Sierra is a child, a human being.  She is intelligent, intuitive, capable, and determined.  


She is Sierra Brooke, the jagged edge of the mountain leading into a small stream.  Brazen and soft, she has a voice.  She is a beautiful soul.  She is LOVED.

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