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Creative Arts Therapy SERVICES:

-Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups

-Children, Teens, and Adults

-Consultation Services

-Teletherapy Services through zoom

-Assist and support parents of children with special needs with strategies and techniques that best serves their children’s growth and development.



-Approaches to Therapy:


As a Creative Arts Therapist, I believe we are ever-evolving, expansive beings capable of achieving great things with an unconditional love for ourselves.  We have the capacity to change old paradigms into more fulfilling one’s.  We are resilient.  It is a gift, as our birthright to shine our brightest light, for our highest good, as individuals and as a collective force.


With Creative Arts Therapy we can explore aspects of our lives, choosing materials and mediums that best serve us, as we move through the web that we continue to weave.  It is in honoring ourselves by breathing in this moment, the present, that we can enter into an agreement finding new pathways for self-growth.  We hold the key to make long and lasting changes in our lives, as we so choose.  Empower you!  I am here to support you in your process.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a fifteen-minute consultation, I can be reached at 914-320-8954 or by email at


With Gratitude,

Marni L. Greenwald-Schwartz





-Creative Arts Therapy

-Somatic Therapy; Utilizing polyvagal theory

-Breathwork and Yoga

-Meditation and Guided Imagery

-Poetry and Writing

-Sand Tray Therapy

-Play Therapy

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