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Building Connections for Parents of Children with Special Needs


Do you have a child with special needs?  Parents of children with various challenges face a most challenging journey.  When finding the words can be difficult, we as parents must look within to find our source of strength and how this affects us on an emotional, mental, and physical level. There is a need to replenish and nurture ourselves, as we navigate through a system that we may be unfamiliar with.  Finding support when others are experiencing different types of issues can feel lonely and isolating.  I can offer you guidance in a safe space and remind you that you can do this with courage, resilience and an unconditional love.     


As a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a parent of a daughter with special needs, I have spent over a decade upon this journey.  I invite you to come to a place where you can feel free to create, express, and feel validated.  It is essential we tap into our innate power and wisdom to help ourselves, our children, as we connect with one another building healthy relationships.  It is in honoring oneself that we have more energy to give and receive.  The creative arts are a tool for self-growth and expansion.  It is in gaining greater insight, we can explore patterns we encounter in our daily lives; a space where thoughts and feelings unfold.  We have a choice to stay with our narrative or make changes along the way.  There are openings we can enter into, pathways to walk, bridges we can cross that are new to us, and one’s we may not have seen as clearly.


At the beginning of each class, I will guide you in a short meditation followed by your choice of creative expression with art, writing, and discussion.  Through a variety of mediums and materials, we will explore at our own pace, and work with an art form.  In every breath we take, in each gesture we make, we have the power to choose, and to make positive changes in our lives, and our children’s lives.



White paper of medium weight, around 9 x 12 or larger.

Pastels, Watercolors, paints, pencils.

Glue stick or liquid glue.

Collage based objects if choose (eg. beads, buttons, tiles, felt, yarn, photos, etc.).

Construction paper or textured paper.

A notepad and pen.


Zoom sessions

Date: TBA


For more information contact;

Marni L. Greenwald-Schwartz

LCAT-BC, Creative Arts Therapist

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